Conversion Optimization : The backbone of Online Marketing

What's ROI & How to deal with it?

Let's first understand what conversion optimization is. When you start a marketing campaign and keep record of the expenses (Investment)on marketing and compare it with the return (Outcome), you get a conversion ratio. Now, in terms of internet marketing, we can define this as the number of visitors divided by the number of leads.

Conversion rate can be derived from the following example: A site with 5000 visitors and 50 conversions has a conversion rate of 1%. To improve the conversion rate, we need to analyze and study the data from your online campaigns. It's all about the data. No one can improve conversion rate by just giving an advise or reading the blogs or forums. It is not a guesswork and requires a lot of study because there can be hundreds of facts behind a low conversion.

A low conversion rate is nothing but the facts remained unconsidered.

We take all the aspects into consideration while measuring the success of the campaign. We figure out an estimated conversion rate for a successful campaign and work accordingly. If you are already running a campaign and have low conversion rate, give us a chance to study it and we shall come out with a solid approach to make it worth running.

Conversion rate can be optimized with right approach and considering each and every aspect from customer point of view. To know more, Contact Us